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January 9, 2021  

ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW by MyMichelleLive – Musicals, Movies, and More

January 9, 2021

There is a new musical at the 5th Ave Theatre called Half the Sky. Which is about Aurelie, who after her sister’s death she sets out to fulfill her childhood dream of climbing Mount Everest. As Aurelie embarks on her path to the top of the world, memories of her Thai American past and the unresolved rift between her and her sister begin to surface.

Half the Sky’s Artistic Director, Bill Berry, and the co-writers Tidtaya Sinutoke, and Isabella Dawis came on today’s program to talk about this amazing musical and let us know what it was like putting this together during a lockdown. Then we got plugged into the movies with Adam Holts who gave us some excellent new and old movie recommendations.