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March 27, 2021  

ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW by MyMichelleLive -3/27/21

Check out what's up for screen entertainment this weekend. Delve into superhero genres and find a better way to navigate pop culture with your kids. Michelle and Paul Asay author and movie reviewer with Pluggedin.com lay it out. Then meet music artist Don Nilan Jr and find out what you can do to cultivate your gifts to make a difference in the world.

March 26, 2021  

WEEKEND REVIEW by MyMichelleLive 3/26/21

Weekend review with

At the end of the week My Michelle Live gives you a look at the past week in news. The boarder crisis, Mass shootings, Race issues and the Big tech hearings. Hear about top stories with a deeper and sometimes alternative look that you won't often hear from mainstream, elite media or unresearched sources. This edition often features THE RIZ REPORT with Adam Rizzieri of Agency Partner Interactive.
March 19, 2021  

WEEKEND REVIEW by MyMichelleLive 3/19/21

Take a deep dive into some of the hottest stories of the week, beyond the fluff of the evening news.  There is more to the story and you're going to get it in this weekend review RIZ REPORT where Michelle is joined by commentator and Adam Rizzieri Chief Marketing Officer at Agency Partner Interactive

March 16, 2021  


Find out the latest, greatest and the oh heck no's of this weeks entertainment in film, television and more with Michelle joined by Adam Holz of Plugged in Reviews.  

March 16, 2021  

The Riz Report weekend review by MyMichelleLive

Michelle and  Adam Rizzieri take a refreshingly HONEST look at the news of the week.  No spins, no excuses, no crap!  Adam is Chief Marketing Officer, Agency Partner Interactive. 
March 8, 2021  

WEEKEND REIVEW by MyMichelleLive 2021 03 06

A look back at news that is missed by the mainstream and a look forward at entertainment for the weekend.

Michelle's guests:

The Riz report w/ Adam Rizzieri

Chief Marketing Officer, Agency Partner Interactive

Adam Holz of Plugged in movie reviews.  

February 27, 2021  

WEEKEND REVIEW by MyMichelleLive 2/27/21

Michelle gives an honest review of the week's news with the Riz report's Adam Rizzieri and a look into entertainment for the weekend as we get you Plugged In to the movies with Adam Holz

February 14, 2021  

ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW by MyMichelleLive - Movies and a Week in Review

Michelle took on the top entertainment news of the week with the Chief Marketing Officer with Agency Partner Interactive Adam Rizzieri. They discussed how Gina Carano getting fired for her social media tweets is just one example of the cancel culture we are living in. Next, she talked about an amazing new series with one of the actors Todd Terry called Vindication. This is a is an episodic faith-based crime drama. Last, Adam Holts from Pluggedin.com gave us some movies to look forward to, and some excellent movies/series you can watch now.

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February 6, 2021  

ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW by MyMichelleLive -More than the Superbowl

We took on all things Super Bowl. The history, commercials, half time shows, but the most importantly we talked FOOD! Donn Paul gave our listeners some easy delicious recipes that are a must have for super bowl parties.

Then we talked about the Super Bowl with Adam Holts from Pluggedin.com, and he gave us some glorious movie recommendation and also some to stay away from.

  Where can listeners learn more about you and today’s snack foods and recipes?

  • Find Southern Recipe Small Batch at WinCo and Cost Plus World Market.
  • Find ParmCrisps at Whole Foods, QFC and Safeway.
  • Listeners can play in “The Great Wonder Years”by visiting PorkRinds.com
  • Listeners can learn more on our websites.
January 30, 2021  

ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW by MyMichelleMendoza – Theaters and some Movies

A study was done that showed people’s hearts started beating in unison as they watched a theater performance. It has a unifying physical reaction for people that cannot be explained. To help us understand the emotions people undergo at the theater was Michael Anthony, and he knows firsthand how special the theater is because he is a bartender on Broadway. He has catalogued people’s experiences in his amazing book, Life at Hamilton: Sometimes You Throw Away Your Shot, Only to Find Your Story. Next, Adam Holts from Plugged In Movie Review came on and told us about some “must see” movies and ones we should stay away from. Last, we played the weird news stories of the week that are downright silly.

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